Addressing a post on Lipstick Alley with Maturity

First I want to take a moment and grasp again, that it seems it’s open season on people of color again in the US. Its bad enough that COVID is targeting us at higher numbers. That black mothers already die in or after childbirth at higher numbers. That HIV in certain cities affects us at higher numbers, that jails are more full of us than others….

But NOW on film we have two young black men one was just jogging in Brunswick Ga ( BTW my son, my black son goes to Job Corps there) and the other a Veteran.  Both caught on film. Both SEVERELY wrongly murdered.

I am sick and tired of the Justice system allowing the Police to get away with any lie and spin they put on a story.

I am sick and tired of the legal system still allowing supposed citizen arrests in 2020. (People can literally make up anything)

So my heart hurts today for #seanreed and #ahmaudarbery

The USA shows us time and time again, that if you are brown justice rarely exists for you. That if you are brown you are expendable. They love to see us die whether they admit it or not.

I am just so sick of it, it never ends…

Bless ALL the souls and victims of the racism and classism of America.


On to the topic of Lipstick Alley!

Real Testimonials from Real Customers!

I have begun a formal report and request to a legal organization regarding Lipstick Alley. I know that people believe that sex workers wont seek legal action on things, or don’t have legal ground. But… as I like to remind people ..sexwork is usually regarded as a misdemeanor. I am ok with that.

However, I am pretty sure promoting hate and racism is a more serious offense. I could be wrong but it should be. I know we have freedom of speech in the US, however it should NEVER apply to lies and hate.  The site Lipstick Alley is problematic in several areas not just the forum page they have set up especially to speak badly of sex workers. The entire site is a stew of hatred of many people of all walks of life.

We are in the middle of a Pandemic and it is insane to me honestly that anyone even has time to promote such negativity. I guess its lack of work and boredom.

I stay busy working on how I can find work, I stay busy trying to help others mentally. I stay busy taking care of my family. I don’t have the time and energy to dedicate to arguing back and forth so therefore I won’t. I am sure the people responsible for the ridiculous posts on myself and other providers wish that myself or other ladies they are talking about would stoop to the level of arguing back with them but I know I won’t.

I write this only to reach out to prospective customers of Taken By Storm Web Designs and to those who I have done work for in the past who know me and know my level of professionalism and my work.

I do want to address my suspicions as to who this hater is…

  1. The Chicago lady who has no photos of herself anywhere on the net and only shows photos of her feet, who targets many of us online on Twitter.
  2.  The other Ebony Provider who I had to block on both Twitter and Reddit after we had an argument that begun about COVID and then turned into her attacking my web design company ( I HAVE NEVER DONE WORK FOR HER)
  3.  A provider who I have done work for who loved her prior work but didn’t like what I charge for edits and updates. And who also didn’t like when I defended another provider who she tried to rip to shreds online when they were already down and out.
  4.  A provider who I did work for and she LIKED her site, the issue was that due to a medical issue she needed more phone communication which when things were still normal and the agency I do work for was busy I could not just talk whenever someone called and wanted to talk.  I have always said email is preferred EXCEPT for the initial phone call conference I have with anyone who wishes to hire me to talk and see if we are a good fit. But I cannot talk to anyone on the phone every two days. I schedule all phone calls. I tried to the best of my ability to talk when I could and to explain her concerns or confusion to her. It didn’t work and we eventually parted ways.
  5. Or lastly the provider or a friend of the provider out of Houston ,who scammed me and another provider. Basically stole the second week of assistant services from both of us and was blacklisted thereafter.  I assure you all of you with the level of what she did to both of us would have done the same.

Now, I have mentioned before things that lead to issues and I am sure other web designers whether they are honest about it or not experience these issues too.

  1. A customer having no real, clear idea of what they want.
  2.  A customer not understanding that while you can make a site responsive for the main devices people use, there will be several different models and devices for which often no matter how many adjustments you make, it wont be as perfect as it is on desktop. Unfortunately most users use mobile BUT the best view of sites is still on desktop.
  3. A customer who is having a hard time with business etc, who spends all day critiquing their site and wanting hundreds of edits and wanting them right then, while forgetting you work for several people. Just someone who will never be satisfied, (I.E number one on this list)
  4.  The customer who has no respect for your time and labor and wants to argue your pricing and fees at every turn.
  5.  ( THIS ONE IS NOT THE CUSTOMERS FAULT, NOR IS IT ME SHAMING THEM, I HAVE MENTALLY ILL FAMILY MEMBERS AND HAVE WORKED IN MEDICAL WITH HEAD INJURY PATIENTS) The customers who have Traumas, either mental or physical who are left unable to understand or process things. So there is a breakdown of communication.

The comment was made that the sites I make are UGLY.

I do not pick the overall design for a customers website.  I ask all the people I do work for to provide 3 examples of sites they like.  I also explain to them that we cannot exactly duplicate anyone’s work but that we will give them something close. All color combinations and font selections are usually but not always made by the owner of the website.  So whatever it looks like is set to what the person requested.

Now there are also ladies who do not need or want me to do the edits or maintain the sites, as that’s an additional cost. Those ladies do their own admin and editing. Often they change the look and feel of their sites.  Once that happens the original design I did is often altered. I explain that on my portfolio page.

I design but I do not own anyone’s site.. The final look and feel is up to them.


So I am calling on all the ladies I have done sites for to PLEASE rebuttal the bullshit that is being said about me and my company on Lipstick alley because I seriously need to be able to get business and make money.

Please post on your social media about what I have done for you and tag it with @stormassists  #takenbystormdesigns  .  Please let people know that you liked my work or loved it.

Or feel free to email me directly at [email protected] or

[email protected]

To hear my Podcast episode on this same topic go to:

Podcast Episode 

Episode also found on most podcast platforms!

Thanks for your time in this matter.










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